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Bi-Fuel Kits for Stationary Diesel Power

Fuzion offers turnkey & P Eng. stamped bi-fuel solutions for virtually any engine make, model and size. Our engineered systems feature GTI-Altronic kits that allow operators of stationary diesel engines to safely and reliably displace up to 70% of the diesel fuel required, with lower cost and cleaner burning natural gas.

  • No engine modifications required
  • No power or efficiency losses
  • Cost/Feature competitive and easy to install
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Extends run-time of standby engines
  • Lowers emissions (optional diesel oxidization catalyst)
  • No high-pressure gas supply required
  • Allows use of interruptible gas (revert to 100% diesel operation at anytime)
  • State-of-the-art controls and monitoring
  • Built for the most demanding industrial applications

Gas Detection (LEL) & Fire Eye

Fuzion Bi-Fuel offers gas detection & fire eye solutions designed and installed to withstand tough industrial environments. These systems are offered with our bi-fuel solutions or can be quoted separately. Ask us about our rental gas detection and fire eye packages.

Remote Monitoring

Real-time data acquisition and logging can be a powerful tool in achieving the best possible operational results. This is why Fuzion offers affordable cellular and GPS remote monitoring solutions as an available feature to our bi-fuel systems and rental gas skids. Please contact us to learn more.

Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Systems

We work with our customers to tailor ESD systems for their specific application and field requirements. In the event of unexpected supply pressure fluctuations, gas leaks or liquids; we have you covered.

Natural Gas and Diesel Metering Solutions

Fuzion can design and install natural gas metering and diesel metering solutions to cover your specific measurement and reporting needs. Please contact us for a quote.